Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dukha and Evenki

Evenki woman with reindeer.

Mongolian Dukha man and innner Mongolian Evenki man.

Mongolian Reindeer herder representative in China

Between 23-29 July, 2008. S.Battulga and P.Tsogtsaikhan, Mongolian Taiga Nature Soceity staff vsisted to Olgaya, Genhe khoshuu of Hululbuir proveince of Inner Mongolia, China. There we met Evenkii reindeer people. We were as second Mongolians who visited to Evenki reindeer herder who live in west part of Amur taiga of Great Khyangan range.
S. Battulga said that Evenki reindeer is bigger than Mongolian. As well cow has good big antlers like bull. Actually, Evenki reindeer people cut reindeer antlers for sale, but theirs reindeer look healthy and have again big antlers.


· Mongolian and Chinese reindeer people have similar livestyle. They herd similar reindeer (Forest reindeer). They are located almost in same latitude of the world.

· Evenki and Tuvan language different. Tuvan language more turkish origin and.

Many thanks to Mr Johan Mathis Ture and Ms Elna Sara, World Reindeer Husbandry Association in Norway helped to us by financial opportunities for this trip according to Travel introduction. Besides many thanks fo Mr Altanbat for guiding and translation in during of whole trip in Inner Mongolia.

Monday, July 21, 2008

After 20 years.

After 20 years Mongolian reindeer people reprsentatives hav met with Mongolian parlkiament and government members. Their introduced once own live consdition and suggested to restore theirs reindeer husbandry.

Since 2001 Taiga Nature Society has been working woth several international organizations. Within TOTEM project, USA, World Reindeer Husbandry Association and Taiga Rescue Network. We able to work together who want to protect and grow Mongolian reindeers and support and help to reindeer people of Mongolia, save theires tarditional livelihood options.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are for taiga

Dear all,

Mongolian Taiga Nature Society (MOTANAS) as established in 2001, is located in Ulaanbaatar. It is non proft organization who carried out environmental and social activities which focuses to taiga region of Mongolian and reindeer people(national minority) who herd reindeer in nrtheren Mongolia, Khovsgol proveince. We think that if reindeer is in Mongolia, reindeer people will live and keep their tardition and livelihood.

Mission of the Mongolian Taiga Nature society

Society to carry out following action as mission volunteer:

· to protect forest and taiga nature
· to protect and proper use endangered and rare biodiversity of the taiga
· to support and help for social and economical issue of the local community
· any other business are related to environmental protection

Mongolian Taiga Nature Society to support following action as goal volunteer:

· to protect and breed of the Mongolian reindeer,
· to scientific survey of the reindeer and biodiversities
· to implement internal and external project and program ,
· to participate to issue of the decision of the socio-economical problem of the reindeer herder
· to protect endangered and rare biodiversities and proper use common species of animal and plant
· environmental public awareness, training for local communities
· others


Are of Work
Taiga reindeer conservation, Trans-boundary Boreal forest of Russia and Mongolia, Mongolian Boreal Forest, Restoration and conservation, Taiga Biodiversity ecology, National legislation, International policy, Certification, Indigenous people,
Methods and Tools
Education and awareness raising, NGO and indigenous peoples capacity building, Networking, Research, Advocacy or lobbying, Market-based campaigning, Direct action